Skiwell prevent : Skiwell is a  safe blood purifier against seasonal infections.Useful in pimples, acne, pustule scabies and psoriasis.It improves septic condition of wounds, boils and ulcers.It helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Dosage :

  • Adult : 1 Table Spoonful thrice a day.
  • Children : 1 Teaspoonful thrice a day. or as directed by the Physician
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Composition :

Each 5 ml. Contains

Berberis Aq. Q 0.10 ml HPI
Sarsaparilla Q 0.10 ml HPI
Sulphur 2X 0.10 ml HPI
Phytolacca D. Q 0.10 ml EHP
Echinacea Ang. Q 0.10 ml HPI
Azadirachta Ind. Q 0.10 ml HPI
Tinospora Cor. Q 0.10 ml HPI
Gentiana Chirata. Q 0.10 ml HPI
Gentiana Lut. Q 0.10 ml HPI
Flavour   qs HPI
Purified Water   qs  
Alcohol Content   10.5 V/V  

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool, dry & dark place.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep away from the direct sunlight.
  • Use under the medical supervision.

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100ml, 450ml


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